Top 10 best college students road bikes reviews 2017

Top 10 best college students road bikes reviews 2017


Cycling is not only a transportation device but also a hobby to the students. Cycling is the best way to know the unknown place or city. When students admitted into a college they have to need to know around themself. On the other hand every students want to cut some of their transport cost. Please see the Top 10 best college students road bikes reviews 2017 comparison chart for choosing best one.


Best bikes for college students must be fast enough to get them to class but it should be much easy to ride so that they will not sweaty to a class.


Cycling isn’t only for college transport but also use as any little bit traveling. It’s also a good exercise.


Here Top 10 best college students road bikes and choose from them in your budget.

PictureNameMen/WomenWeightPriceEditor Ratingn(1-5)
GMC Denali Road BikeMen29 lb$$4.5

 GMC Denali Road Bike

It is the best bike for the college student. Because of it is light weight and practically design for college use.

It is your great choice for your budget 9most of the student wants to save their money).

Gmc Road bike has big tires which helps you to get higher speeds and make easy cycling on flat surface.

For big tires uphill climbs can become a bit of chore.

From all bikes GMC Denali is best for your money.

Why it is best? Read more GMC Denali Road Bike Review.


Taraka Kabuto Single Speed Road bike


Do you find an awesome college bike? This is the best single speed road bike for college students.

Its lightweight, awesome designed, extremely durable and best for city travel.

The alloy frame and wheels makes your campus travels amazing.

The taraka Kabuto single speed road bike is designed to best used as a commuter bike. The rider can use this bike as a long distance road bike for casual use.

This bike needs ideal road condition as well as provide long distance more comfortable and longevity.


Critical cycles fixed gear single speed urban road bike

If you are finding a cruising bike this bike is for you. It is fixei bike. It has only one gear which is fixed. It’s steel frame.

It is not more durable as others if your choice for rough sidewalks.


Giordano Libero Acciao Road bike

Giordano Libero Acciao Brand bike is one of the best choice for your college bike. You can get your choice of frame such as small, medium and large. Rider’s can choice their exact matching bike. Such as if your height is 5’1” to 5’8” then smallest model is better than other. If your height is 6’2” TO 6’5”  then largest bike is better for you. Other medium bike is perfect for your cycling.

It’s looking also awesome. The materials type of the frame and fork are steel. The brake is caliper type. It also the best beginner bike.






GMC Denali Road Bike review

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